Colorado Acupuncture MRC

How to Join

Advantages of volunteering:

  • Our MRC volunteers work alongside other medical and service professionals as a team
  • We have the best opportunity to share our services with the most people in need of our care
  • We get the word out to the community on how acupuncture makes a real, positive difference!
  • As a member of an approved MRC, you will
    • receive training in various aspects of disaster response
    • learn how to set up your own disaster-response clinic
    • learn how to communicate effectively with other parts of a coordinated disaster response in Colorado

Who Can Join:

Applicants 18 years and older may join our MRC.  Those who can provide acupuncture treatments must be a Colorado state licensed acupuncturist.  Per Colorado statutes those licensed healthcare providers with NADA certification may provide NADA protocol treatments, and CO Pysicians with Medical Acupuncture Certification.

How can I join the Colorado Acupuncture MRC (CAMRC)?

  • Complete the Colorado Acupuncture MRC Training Course (Includes ICS100/700 FEMA Training)
  • Complete any additional training courses, For example:  Psychological First Aid (PFA)
  • Maintain good standing and attend continuing education courses and meetings/exercises.


  • There is a yearly $25.00 active member fee (included in your first training for new members)